Nudity in Art


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Nudity in Art

A brief discussion

I have always wanted to give boudoir sessions a try – I have this fascination and love of nudes, especially when they are artistically done.  That being said, I haven’t had too much experience with nude shoots.  I have done a couple, but not to the extent that I’d like to get into them.

I have decided to gather some brave individuals for some beginner boudoir shots – those will be coming shortly.  But first let me explain a little bit about how I found this type of photography.  At the Art Institute we had to, in our Studio class, do a nude shoot.  But this begins even before that, before my love of photography existed.  You see, I’ve always been a romance reader – those hot steamy books that women get into – the kind that men don’t really think anything about, but probably should.  I loved the look of bodies, my body, the form, curves and shapes.  I think the body is sensual, art in itself – and it’s not just the body, but the heart and soul that is inside each of us.

Anyway – I continued reading my books for years – my imagination digging deeper and deeper into this secret world.  It expanded to short stories and literature.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned Ovid’s The Metamorphoses  in my blogging, but it had a profound impact on the way I saw and imagined things – stories that I wanted to see come to life.  I would read these stories, some extremely sensual, others wicked and perverse – and each I could see in my head, how they would look to me – who would play what roles in the stories.

Enter photography.  I didn’t find photography until a few years back – when one special person in my life gifted me a camera and I spent the next three months shooting to my hearts content.  I just shot and shot – and then ended up in school for photography – because I knew I was good at it and I LOVED it that much.

I had a favorite professor in school, and it was under his tutelage that I learned details about nude photography.  I was introduced to several photographers who specialized in nudes – through slides/website discoveries – and this increased my love for this type of photography.  The only problem was that I wasn’t sure how everyone in my life would take this love of mine, as private as it was…and had been for years.  I’ve never been shy about my body, about how others perceived my body, but I always thought I was a bit odd, having this passion of mine.  Until I found those art portraits.  And I’m not talking porn – I’m talking creative nudes.  It just blew me away.  But America is short on tolerance and acceptance of these types of portraits – it’s rare that you find a family that doesn’t have it’s doubts about viewing this type of art.  It’s considered bad taste, who would pose in this manner?  WHY would anyone  – that is the question I could hear asked.  And I suppose that is the crux of all of this – my passion was kept under this protective cover – because if people would question WHO would be the subject of these photographs, what would that say about the person INTERESTED in creating these photographs for others to see?

It wasn’t until I opened up to a new friend about this secret that I realized this was part of who I am – that I feel comfortable sitting in front of a nude female – and just the same a nude male – that I want to see goosebumps raise on flesh as my camera glances by, soft focus, close or far, details in the curves, pictures of the lines in someone’s palm, the curve of their neck, I mean it goes on and on.  Curious enough I felt at peace almost.  Like a piece of this dark side was finally in the light.  It was only one person, but still – it was a person who understood. And that meant the world to me.

I had hidden this for so long, and it felt so good to just talk about it.

Here are some famous portraits done by some well known photographers…portraits/photographs that I happen to love, and that inspire me.

Ruth Bernhard

 Alfred Stieglitz

Edward Weston

Jan Saudek (One of my favorite photographers of all time)

And here are a few random pieces that I’m not sure who to credit with (forgive me, if I knew who you were I’d give you credit!)

I have  a collection of images, all that move me, inspire me – there are those that change my creativity or how I view things – how I want to see things under my lens.  There is one person who I respect a lot.  I love to read her blogs, love to look at her work.  I would love to get into one of her classes or just to watch her work her magic in NY.  I’d be a model for her in a heartbeat.  She inspires in those she takes pictures of a sense of wonderment, familiarity, relaxation, and fun – all of the things that I strive to get into my photographs constantly.  That’s why I love her work.  Her name is Christa Meola, and here are some of the images I take the most from:

It’s this last picture that finally FINALLY pushed me over the edge.  I loved it because I’ve always had this thing for masks…I have four right now in my room – this picture inspired these portraits:

So here’s to letting the cat out of the bag – loving myself enough to be proud of me – and hoping that whoever reads this will see it for what it is…a celebration of the body – of art.




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