My Homework Ate My Dog

I went to the Virginia Highland Festival just last week and it was so much fun.  First, I love seeing the art, but second and more importantly, I love hearing live music.  It’s something I don’t get to do often.

When I was walking around I noticed this band getting ready to get on stage.  They seemed kind of young so I thought, nah they are just playing around – but NO, they weren’t.  Turns out they are pretty bada** – I loved them.  I met their manager and asked if I could grab some shots.  I just love their energy – would love to get my hands on them to do an actual shoot!

The Fan-doration was awesome, the girls had such big smiles – hysterical!

Here are links to their music and covers:

My Homework Ate My Dog

My Homework Ate My Dog – YouTube

Enjoy the photographs!

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