My Best Friend & Julia

A few years ago, a new potential employee interview was taking place in our conference room (I work in finance as well).  As I walked by I noticed this spectacular purse sitting just under her chair.  It was bright orange.

Now, many of you might think, bright orange? Really?

Well…it turns out that I happened to have just bought my very first orange purse just days before, so when I saw this purse I thought to myself – we’ve totally got to hire her. 

About a month later, management told me a new girl was starting – and since she was to sit across from me I was asked to help transition her into the business.  When she arrived, I quickly realized that she belonged to the orange purse…or maybe that’s backwards.

Anyway, we became pretty close pretty fast – luckily for me, she was this super witty, funny and sarcastic person who just had me in hysterics while at the same time I was totally enamoured that she’d write these two page thank you notes and was just the sweetest person ever (run on sentence alert!).  Later we’d add a third to our party of two, but that post will come a bit later. 

She asked me to be in her wedding and I was thrilled to do so –  they were both such wonderful people.  And after the wedding, came the baby.  Since I was still in photography school, I made a promise to her to always take pictures of her baby – her personal photographer if you will.  Baby paprazzi!

I need to get up there to see her again – Julia is growing fast and I don’t want to lose ground.  I’ll post some new ones when I finally head that way.  In the meantime, enjoy these snippets.  And Mary Katherine, thank you for being you and always encouraging me.

That was Miss Julia at 6 months, here she is at just over a year in her first pair of jeans:


See you soon you two!


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