Moose Hockey – Part Two

Yep, I’ve been in Tampa again – and I’ve made it a tradition to go see my bud Ryan whenever I’m in the area.  Last year, I got to take pictures of his Hockey Team, the Moose, and loved being able to shoot along side the rink wall.

This year I came down and got to use my trusty new telephoto lens…the lens of all things good and perfect.  Hopefully this week I can get some more pics when I’m there.  I have to thank the manager/owner at the Clearwater Ice Arena for letting me jump beyond the glass to get some pictures unobstructed by the safety wall.  Turns out he’s a photographer too and could understand how much I wanted to go beyond that wall.  I just had to promise to duck back behind the safety glass when the plays came near by…

I obeyed the rules  🙂



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