Montréal Part One

On the way to Vermont this year, I decided to cross the border into Canada and explore a little city called Montréal…except it’s not little.  When I got into town, I was struck by how gray the city seemed, the stone, the ground, everything seemed dismal.  And yes, I can hear all of you who have been to Montréal saying, no no no, it just isn’t that way!  And in the end it wasn’t, but my first impression – after driving the back roads bathed in green grasses and corn fields with pops of color in buildings littered along the road, was just that – Gray.

I got into the city and noticed that my street, the street the hotel was on (Les Passants de Sans Soucy), was cobblestone, which completely lifted my spirits.  So I parallel parked (getting it right the first time HA! On a busy street no less) and went into the hotel.  I was struck by how artful the hotel itself was…narrow, but with great stone facades – exposed brick, nice floors.  My hotelier greeted me pleasantly, and I was overwhelmed with love for this hotel – climbed the stairs to the room and the room itself was amazing, big beams of wood on the ceiling, two windows facing the street, windows that I could open and easily sit on the ledge to look out at people.

I dropped off my stuff and grabbed my camera, got the key to the front door and the room and jetted out into the city streets.  This is what I saw…

The grayness I had assumed was Montréal turned into this colorful collage of people, flowers, signs.  The smells were delicious, and because I was right on the water (one street over) the weather was perfect.

I love these photographs.




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