Meg Porter – Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Friends of @Megapixel,

Alright, so this is a weird post, but one that needs to be made.  A few years ago, when I decided to use my name for my blog site, I tried to get  However, this site was already taken by a vlogger/blogger/twitter/photographer gal in Fort Worth Texas whose name happened to be Meg Porter.

I couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t posted anything past 2009.  I kept digging and found out that she had passed away in a head on collision in June 2009 (DFW Renaissance).  Her twitter account remains active as does her YouTube account.

Last year I noticed that her site had come down and the domain was now owned by someone in China.  I thought about asking to buy it out, but figured that my site,, was working as it should.

Two weeks ago, I searched again only to find that the domain was available for purchase.  So I purchased it, redirected it to this site, and so far I hadn’t had any hits/searches for Meg in Texas.

Today, I noticed that someone had searched for her and found my site – so I wanted to make a post in memory of her with links where her words, and her videos could be found.  I thought it was the least I could do.

I do find it a bit ironic that me, another photographer, would share a domain with someone that was a vibrant as Meg seemed to be.  And I am sorry that she has been lost to her family, friends, and community, both in real life and online.

So whoever was searching for her – I hope this post helps you.



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