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I am extremely excited, no THRILLED, to announce that I now have a joint venture for weddings/engagements with my sister Kate, who is also a photographer.  We are so pleased to introduce you to Meg & Kate Weddings!  But the good news doesn’t end there…we set our goals for 2016 and one of those goals has been smashed already, and it’s only January 26th!  Yesssss!Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.55.00 PM

When we signed up our sweet gals late last year, they weren’t really needing the engagement session.  But for us, those engagement sessions mean the world.  They are the way we get to interact with our couples, to learn how they take direction and how we can get the BEST smiles and natural emotions from our couples.  So we set the big goal of capturing some amazing photography of these two ladies.  Afterwards, our first goal of getting published happened….and the good news has been rolling in ever since.  Read more here.  We love these girls, are so happy they chose us, and cannot believe our good fortune that we have made clients into family 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.55.10 PM

Which bring us to the other great news.  Late last year, my sister and I found this unbelievable website called MunaLuchi Bride – we followed them on Instagram and have been in love with some of the photographs that they’ve put up online.  And then we got word that a bride submitted some work to the publication.  Now this wasn’t a Meg & Kate bride, this bride actually was from a good friend, Joseph Echols who has a photography business in town (Phrozen Memories).  But Joey did something that most companies/photographers don’t do (And I LOVE him for this) – he gave permission for the photographs that I took from second shooting this wedding, to be on my own website and portfolio after a period of time.  Imagine how floored I was to see my little name on the MunaLuchi Bride website.  What!?!  Check this out!  Some of my work is shining bright and beautiful on this page alongside Joey’s and I just couldn’t be more happy!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.55.50 PM


So here’s to the new year, because I know 2016 is just the starting point for something creatively amazing, a year of love and personal growth!  If you know anyone who is needing a wedding photographer (not just in Atlanta), tell them to reach out, and check out our new website  We would love to be a part of their big day or yours   🙂

Much love and cheer,


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