Meet Oliver

Ha, did you think this was going to be some kind of adorable kid post (love those kids!)?  No way, not this time.

This time it’s all about Oliver, my new MINI Cooper – and yes, I did a photoshoot of my new car.  I just couldn’t help it – he’s so incredibly cute and I just adore him.

Now, before you go thinking I’m a bit on the odd side, and you are new to this blog – then you probably haven’t gone back far enough to figure out I’m a huge car and train fan…so it’s only natural for me to capture this monumental event.

I’ve always wanted a MINI – just never thought in a million years I’d have one…so this makes it doubly exciting for me.

Today on the highway I looked down and the speedometer said 96…yikes.  This turbo is going to get me a nice speeding ticket, because it sure does NOT feel like you are going that fast.

I’m sorry Officer…Oliver made me do it!

Thanks to Mark Carrol and Robbin Byers at Global Imports MINI for getting me the keys to this amazing car  🙂



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