Mary’s Surprise Birthday Party

I have never been the host of a surprise birthday party – so when Mary’s birthday came and went (she was travelling) and I wasn’t really sure what we were doing for her – I decided it was the perfect opportunity even if we were incredibly late.

I’ve been working for the last three weeks on putting pieces together for this bash and I have to say I love the way it turned out.  I was looking for elegant beach with a Hawaiian twist (the food) – I think I nailed it.  I acquired the shells, netting, and all the table stuff from hobby stores.  The flowers were bought whole sale and I was able to use pieces that a great friend Jennifer loaned me (she’s an expert at house parties) to create the white rose arrangements and serve the food in.  Another friend Vicki helped me with custom invitations (hello fancy paper) and gave me a whole other table for seating…thank goodness.

The food was from Waikiki BBQ, this quiet little place off of Briarcliff Road in Atlanta, a forty minute drive from my house – but if there was going to be any sort of food served at a party in my house it was going to be Hawaiian BBQ…so off I went.

I invited four close couples that I knew would love to see Mary and vice versa – and then added our family.  Because I wanted to use real plates and glassware I decided to keep it small and lovely.

I hope you like the decorations – I had fun burning my fingers on hot glue for the napkin holders!

Happy Birthday Mary!!


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