Laura & Jeff 2013

I love small intimate gatherings, especially one that joins two beautiful people together.  I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Jeff & Laura a couple of weeks ago – this smiling, easy-going couple.  They were simply beautiful.

The words were said, the tears gathered in some eyes (cough Laura), and then the fun started  🙂  I met the family outside of the venue and from there we went and took some pictures, lots of pictures.  Lots of laughter and hugs, funny faces and charming moments happened in the brief time I spent with them.  I know I said this on my Facebook page, but the picture of Laura and her son Ben – when they were dancing in the square, it just captured for me this moment between a mother and son that I’ll never forget.

It was such a good day.

So Laura & Jeff – may you have the happiest, best, most fun adventure of your lives – starting now!




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