You always hear it, laughter is the best medicine, a smile a day will keep the blues away – all of those sayings that have been around for centuries.  In my line of work, smiles are my business – as are frowns, serious looks, frustrations, crying, and those occasional goofy faces.

There are times when I’m presented with a situation that I am unaware of, there are times when I ask people to look at each other and they glance away shyly.  But most times, when I have my clients look at each other, they smile and make faces at each other.

The other day I was invited to shoot a family in downtown Duluth – and was greatly excited to meet all of them.  After taking some photographs of Julia – I grabbed some shots of her grandparents together, just the two of them.

And I did what I always do – I asked them to look at each other.

And what happened next I’ll never forget – they both started grinning, and then she started giggling.  With each passing glance her giggles became laughter and soon she was covering her face with embarrassment.  And he started laughing as well.  And I’m not quite sure what was going on behind me, but I know I had the biggest grin on my face, behind the lens.

And that’s when their daughter said to me that in their culture you didn’t show affection in public, and to look at each other was quite scandalous (paraphrasing here)…

They are beautiful.  That’s all I really know.  And I won’t ever forget them.



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