Just Five Days Old – Meet Little Brooks

He’s adorable, whether it’s in his kitty hat or turtle outfit – I just wanted to snuggle him forever.  I’m sure his mom, Katie, wants to do the same   🙂

Meet Brooks, my little five-day-old buddy, who cooperated fully with his photoshoot, and only gave a few sad faces during the entire shoot.  He was so chilled out, so relaxed, I just had such a great time with the four of them (there would have been five but one of the kitties was missing…

I know Katie will love these as much as I do, he’s just so sweet and perfect   🙂

I couldn’t decide on just a handful, I love all of these and more – I just can’t post the whole gallery here!

Congratulations to both of you, I know he’s everything you expected and more.






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