Julia, The Dancer

June contacted me a few weeks back wanting to gift her niece with a photo shoot for her 16th birthday.  I actually like shooting high school kids – I really like when I can get them to be themselves, on their own.  It’s that time of life when things are seeming so great, where you can reach the sky and set goals.

So I was thrilled to meet Julia – whom I quickly learned had her own ideas about a photo shoot, I knew in general what she wanted to show the world.  I appreciate that in a client, someone that knows what they want, but are adaptable and work with me to create stunning images.  A blending of two minds to create a bit of art.

So when I got these out of my camera, well, I just about died.

I love them.  They are so her – and I’m proud of me for capturing them  🙂

Julia & June – You both ROCK!!




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