Introducing Chloe, the New Pup

Okay, so I’m addicted to going to the Atlanta Humane Society Mansell Campus to look at puppies – I go once a week, because puppies, well, they just make me smile and be happy.  All animals do really, but puppies especially.

I’ve been doing so for months – I just pop in for a few minutes and pet, play with and hold the cute little wiggles, and then I leave them to be adopted.

So……as you might expect, I fell in love.  I mean, it took a few months, but I saw her – then came back four days later, she was still there – it was completely meant to be.  And you know the rest of the story.

I brought her home last Friday to a surprised household, who immediately fell in love with her as well.  Puppies are a TON of work, seriously – I’ve been working on photographs in the little amounts of time I have when I’m not chasing after her…but she’s really smart, already sitting (fine, I bribe her) and behaving like the other two (which means spoiled rotten).

I’d like to thank the Mansell Atlanta Humane Society for their hard work, they make the place amazing, are super friendly, and the dogs/cats/puppies/kittens are all well taken care of…I can’t think of a better place to adopt from.  So thanks to all of you 🙂

Please, if you are considering getting a new family member, adopt – there are so many wonderful animals out there that need a loving home!!

Totally Smitten!



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