How the Garden Grows Part 3

I checked the garden this afternoon, my snow peas are going crazy.  It’s probably time for me to pull a few, but I just get so disheartened to pull and kill something that I made grow in the first place.  Silly, I know.

Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye; my lilac bush is blooming splendidly.  I moved to Virginia when I was ten, and there are two things I remember vividly – one was that fireflies were everywhere, and as we drove in towards my grandmother’s house on those backroads I remember being captivated by the glowing lights appearing and disappearing as we went along, our windows open in the humid air.  I could almost close my eyes and they’d become blurs of light.  There were so many back then.  The other thing was during the first spring when the lilac bushes bloomed.  They were these gigantic beautiful bursts of violet against green and smelled so divine that even at ten I knew they were going to be my favorite flower for life.

When I went to Virginia a few years ago, I decided to snag two from the local garden center and bring them South to Georgia.  As luck would have it, I forgot to put them in the car – which ended up a good thing because when my mom went to plant them in her yard there were tons of red ants in the bottom of the pots…that would have made for fun driving.

Anyway, I bought a lilac bush online and when I got it it wasn’t quite the lilac bush I was thinking about, although it still smelled pretty good.  They’re not made for this climate at all – I think they prefer cooler climates, and it has taken a bit of time to get going.  So when I looked over I was really pleasantly surprised that it had blooms all over the place.  And although the smell and look (these are whiter)  isn’t what I exactly wanted, when I look at the blossoms and catch the faint smell it reminds me of Virginia.  It reminds me of the carefree little ten year old who was.  Sappy, I know.

So I of course, grabbed my camera to get some more garden shots and flower shots.










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