How the Garden Grows – Part 2

I’m pretty excited to say my snow peas are on the up and up.  If there is one thing I love above all else – it’s snow peas.  This year I planted two rows of them, and it only took about a week for them to pop up!  Now I have to get a trellis in stat or else they’ll be tumbling over.  The lettuce and spinach are coming up nicely as well so I’ve only got two more beds to get planted and I’ll be harvesting in no time.

With the weather getting warmer – everything has decided to bloom in spectacular fashion – leaving clouds of yellow pollen all over Atlanta.  I think just the other day the pollen count was higher than it had ever been. While most people hate this season, I have been blessed with not having allergies.  This means that I can spend my days outside messing around in the garden and not sneeze or get a runny nose.

I broke out the my Macro lens to play with close ups of some of the flowers.  It’s always interesting to look through a lens that magnifies things – you end up seeing things you might not have seen before.  Just check out the ant in the purple flower!

Enjoy Spring through my lens 🙂

I think I have a problem with aphids on my roses – nasty critters!

Last but not least – another favorite. Grilled Corn on the Cob –

not supposed to be eaten by people with braces (ME!) but shhh…don’t tell the ortho!




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