Happy Holiday Giveaway #10

I’m on the home stretch!  Today’s giveaway is a four pack of Zombie Repellent Soap made by Sapling Naturals in Vermont 🙂

Because who doesn’t need to smell good when the world ends and zombies attack?

Seriously though, these are super cute and smell divine!  Check out Sapling Naturals shop on Etsy here.   These ladies have this to say:

Sapling Naturals is a mother-daughter company. True to our Vermont background, we come from a long line of very practical women. We’d never spend a week’s paycheck on a pair of designer heels or a fancy face cream, and are generally more likely to be found in the kitchen or garden than at the mall. We believe that each item handcrafted with love and shared makes the world a brighter place. Our products are an affordable little luxury and they just happen to be pretty, fun and amazing for your skin, how’s that for practical? Made with natural oils, goat’s milk and real silk our soap is a joy to use and will leave your skin super soft and moisturized.

Here at Sapling Naturals headquarters we are also preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. We offer many great zombie repellent products, so stock your bug out bag, secret underground bunker and, of course, your shower. You wouldn’t want to be unprepared when the outbreak starts would you? If, by some chance, the apocalypse doesn’t actually happen . . . hey, you’ll still have some amazing soap!

I just love family owned businesses 🙂  Enter below to win, open to US residents only!



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