Hanging Out

Now I have to tell you, I’m petrified of spiders.  It doesn’t matter how big, little, round, skinny, what color – just bleh, if they make a move towards me – I’m SO out of there.

I don’t like the ones that jump around, or the quick ones.  Daddy long legs are okay – I can work around those guys, but when I’m getting something out of the garage I always have to triple check that I’m not sticking my hand in a cobweb.  Ugh.

That being said, I do appreciate spiders, and what they do for the bug population.  I don’t ever kill them when they are outside.  The indoor ones, well I won’t say what happens to those.

So imagine my surprise when I was told there was one right out the back door.  It wasn’t really a big spider, but  it had spun a huge web and you had to duck under it to go out the door.

I grabbed the camera and attached my macro lens (yes the one that means I must get close to the spider) and went out to get a few shots.  I tried to make him spread out, but when I’d blow on him he would just shake the web ferociously.  So much so that he’d become a blur.  I’m convinced this was a trick to make me go away – but as long as he was on his web and not flying through the air at me, well, I was there to stay.

Here are a few pics of this eight legged arachnid, you can even see his eyes – ugh:

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