Growing up Brayden

I love this kid…I mean, well, he’s my nephew, but just look at him – he’s such a character.  It’s not too shabby either that he has such sweet blue eyes and a catching smile, did I mention he is super smart as well.  I’m not biased, honest!!

We were gathered for a family picnic, and I’d been taking photographs all day – so trying to juggle visiting with everyone (we had come in from out of town) and take pictures of this champ when all he wanted to do was go play on the playground with everyone else…well I just didn’t have the heart to keep him near.  But the cool thing is that these shots turned out well and I captured a little bit of who Brayden is – as well as got to play photographer to a bunch of his trucks.  Heck ya!!

Car Art!!  By the time I tried to catch back up to him the little squirt kept running away – so all I got was his back going down the slide.  For Pete’s Sake.




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