Fountains & Laughter

I posted about Matt and his family a few minutes before this – but I wanted to show a picture I put together, a series of portraits that I did while standing in a fountain with my camera.  Here is the composite:

You might ask, why am I showing this to you?  Well, I’m showing it to you because it’s great, this series.  Not only are they great pictures, but they are pictures that make you imagine laughter – a playfulness between a mom and her daughter. One that is caught on camera and will be remembered.

I carefully went into the water fountain, watching out for crazy spraying jets of water (haha I don’t want to drown my camera) and in the end got these photographs and more – all because I love being a part of my sessions.  I love watching families in action –  and firmly believe that families who play together, stay together.  Even if you never book with me, and book with another photographer – make sure that photog gives everything for you – makes you feel that you are a special family, a photog who gets on the ground or gets in a fountain – or asks silly things to produce real laughter…

Whenever I look at another photographers work, it’s feeling I like to experience, I like to look at a picture and feel something inside – and there are a lot of great photographers out there who accomplish just that and there are some that just don’t.  If it’s you taking the picture – look at who you are taking a picture of and just reach out with words or actions to produce something worthwhile, or if it’s a couple of people who aren’t paying attention to you – pay attention to them, wait, and you’ll be rewarded.  I promise.

So laugh, be merry, take pictures, or if you are the subjects – just be you – it will shine through   🙂





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