First Video Ever (Thanks to the Rangers)

I think I may have mentioned before that I just adore the New York Rangers – enough to drive 8 hours to Tampa to watch the Lightning vs. Rangers game.  We went with Ryan (who cheered on the Lightning team – what!?!) and I wore my Lundqvist jersey.   My family calls me a Johnny come lately fan since I haven’t been a fan all my life (what do they know?) just in the last couple of years have I fully embraced the Rangers.  I started watching when Drury was captain.  Now I can tell you what number goes with which player and so on…








In the office where I work, there are four of us that are huge hockey fans.  Len – Devils, Jeff – Penguins, Hafeez – Canadians/Flames, and myself – Rangers.  Normally the two of us that talk the most smack is Jeff and I – and I hate the Penguins more than any other team out there.  Because they are right behind us in the standings I’m always asking him who is in second place – and he always tells me it won’t be for long.  And with the tear that the Penguins are on – ugh.  I hope they are peaking now.

Anyway, Len and Jeff bet lunch on the Devil’s vs. Penguins game and Len lost.  So when I asked Len to bet on the Rangers vs. Devils game (we would have to wear the opposite teams jersey if we lost for a whole hour) he had to really think about whether he could stomach losing and having to wear the Rangers jersey.  So about 15 minutes before the game I sent him a text and asked him if we were on.  Surprisingly I got a yes. (Later I found out the wife egged him on! YAY Heather!)

Well…he lost and I made a video, or rather a lot of them, and condensed them into one.  This is my very first video…it makes me laugh even now after I’ve watched it fifty six million times.  My only critique is my voice – my braces make me talk slightly off – so I listen and wonder…do I really sound like that???  Thankfully, by Summer those braces will be gone (after 5 years!) – and I’ll sound normal again.

I’m probably the only one who likes this video.

Click here to watch!





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