Fireworks in Washington DC

One of my favorite photography things to do each year is take fireworks photos.  This year, my sister and I took a girls trip to Washington DC with the intention of taking fireworks against a monument backdrop, which didn’t happen.

What ended up happening was very different.  We left our hotel room a few minutes later than we had wanted to and walked to Whole Foods to grab some dinner to eat on the grass at the Washington monument.  The hotel was only a few blocks from the edge of the monument, but Whole foods was a couple blocks the opposite direction.  And it was crowded.  So by the time we got out of there it was 9:10PM, and the fireworks were supposed to start sometime around 9:30PM.  As we approached the corner of 20th and Virginia there was a huge crack and boom and we stopped to see where it was coming from, which made itself apparent in a huge burst of red just a few hundred yards from us (I’d estimate the Constitution Gardens area).  And it was so magnificent that we sat down right there to enjoy it.  Right in front of the US Office of Personnel Management.

It was spectacular.  I have never really spent my sister’s birthday night watching fireworks with her, but all I could think was what a cool birthday present.  They were so close that it was just stunning.

The thing I love about fireworks is that my pictures afterwards always tend to feel otherworldly.  The smoke that accumulates in the air combined with the bright light spots almost make some of the pictures look like far distant galaxies.  It’s this sort of thing that I love.  I hope you enjoy these too!



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