What to expect from me:

  • I will be on time and ready to go, with the proper equipment.  I’ll always have a smile for you and will be very flexible when it comes to your suggestions.  I like to compromise, so we will work together to achieve a wonderful photography shoot.
  • Sessions typically last 1 hour, though the time really depends on clothing changes and the number of people I’ll be photographing.  It normally takes at least 15 – 20 minutes for smaller kids (and adults!) to warm up to the camera, which might lead to a session lasting a little longer than normal.  Try not to schedule our session in between other events, rushing is never fun!
  • Depending on the type of session, we may utilize props (as in flowers, guitars, suitcases, etc) within the photographs.  Talk to me about things you might like to try – it’s pretty easy to work props in as needed, so if you love it – bring it.  Just note, you are responsible for what you bring, that goes for me too!
  • We meet at a predetermined location of your choice in/around the Roswell area.  The clock starts ticking at the designated time we are supposed to meet. If a conflict arises and you aren’t able to get there in time (greater than 15 minutes), please let me know no less than two hours in advance.
  • I might ask you to do odd things – for instance playing games with your kiddos, but realize I am asking you to do something that will achieve a greater result.  My aim is always to convey real emotion through photography.
  • My senior portrait sessions have been known to run longer because teens generally have more ideas about self-expression, to which I always try to accommodate.  I love to have the senior one-on-one, with parents a respectable distance away (but not gone!).  It’s been my experience that seniors are more likely to relax when it’s just the two of us.
  • I don’t limit your photographs or make you choose which ones you want, what you see on the gallery is what you get.  All of your images will be in a downloadable format (with basic blemish removal and light/color edits) – in both high and low resolution formats. This enables you to print your photographs where you want, in whatever quantity you want, whenever you want, although you are fully able to order through the gallery link I send you.  I don’t believe in having your pictures sit around in some digital archive to not be enjoyed.  I love my photographs and want you to be able to love them as well.
  • An initial deposit is expected at the time of scheduling your appointment (to be credited towards your session fee), with the remainder paid up front before we shoot at the location.  You forfeit your deposit if you don’t show up to the shoot.
  • Because photographs are so unique, I do not offer refunds for portrait/family/senior sessions.  But if things aren’t working out, there is the rare occasion a little one might not be cooperating, we’ll figure out another time to meet.

 What should you wear:

Photography sessions are a lot of fun, especially when deciding what to wear!  Clothing is one way to show personality on all fronts – think about how you want your photographs to express you, who you are.  It’s a time for you (or your family) to be unique, but yet maintain a sense of belonging to one another or to your surroundings.  Are you going to have one outfit or several?  Where are we taking the photographs – is it in the country or the city?  Think about how you want your photographs to turn out and plan those outfits!

I encourage layering via sweater/scarf (for girls), great fabrics in general, warm rich colors, or cool crisp colors.  I love black and white clothing, however white can add a few pounds.  I always love a worn in pair of jeans or a classy dress, it’s really up to you.  The only thing I don’t love is any clothing with obvious characters (cartoons, etc) – I find that it’s too distracting!

Remember to be bold.  Be yourself.  You will feel great in clothes you love!

If you are still having trouble figuring out what to wear, check out my Pinterest boards, and make sure to follow me for other great photography ideas!!


Family Portraits

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions, I’m happy to help.




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