Dr. Kaplan and Me

I got my braces off…oh yes I did – finally.  I say finally because I’ve had them on forever – partially my fault and partially the fault of my beautiful screwed up jaw 🙂

I’ve been going to Dr. Kaplan for years, and finally, I’m able to smile – but before I leave this wonderful office full of beautiful gals who work miracles (oh and errr yes, Dr. Kaplan) I was asked to take some shots of the newly renovated Kaplan Orthodontics – and so I did.  But those are for the doctor to share, I really got to have some fun with some tools – and right before I started to post them I thought, hey – why don’t I show off my smile…

So here goes…the tools AND – the TOOL.  Me.  🙂

I’m in love with my smile.

Thanks to all of you there who worked on me, put up with my shenanigans, I know I’m your favorite and that you will completely miss me.  Dr. Kaplan, you made something possible that I thought was nearly impossible.  It’s something I’ve wanted my whole life.  A smile.




Check out the REAL tool below!

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