Cross of Life Montessori School – The Toddler Class

Cross of Life Montessori has played such a big role in the education of my daughter.  Although she’s gone beyond the toddler class, I wanted to make a blog post about the things that go on to form the foundation of doing, being, and achieving in one so little.

I remember from early on, Mae was taught to take off her shoes and put them on, and not only that, her shoes had to be put away in her cubby.  A little part of 18 month old responsibility.  At first, I might have shrugged this off as she was too young, or babies really aren’t capable at that age.  However, I quickly learned that indeed she was capable and could do the things asked of her.

Other things like pincher grasping, holding things with two hands, and other fine motor skills quickly developed over the two years she spent there.  She acquired a love of painting, of art, of making her own snack.  She’d taste things (safely) like oranges, she’d make her own juice, and yes, she’d pour it anywhere but the glass for a long time.  She used glassware and real silverware, sat at a table, and arranged flowers.  She would wash windows or napkins, feed the fish, read a book, or go outside and be with nature.  That’s where she really thrived.  She made friends.  Friends that even today she holds close to her heart.

My wild child has been wholly prepared for things that come her way, for the people who ask more of her, yet give her the freedom to make her own safe choices, to see consequences (like that juice NOT being in the glass and not being drinkable) of actions.  Does this mean she’s perfect.  No, of course not.  In our daily life there isn’t a day where at least one sigh doesn’t escape my lips, but perhaps it’s because she is SO independent.  She understands what she wants even if maybe I don’t want to give in right then.

It has been my own development to let her do these things, to let her experience, to let her be, but to also ask of her.  To see the smile on her face when she and I sit down to have tea with one another and she can pour it, that’s just the best.

I am thankful to this school for such great teachers, great supporters, great kids and parent peers.

Check them out, you’ll be glad you did!

Cross of Life Montessori



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