Cross of Life – Christmas 2016

This year I started doing photography work for Cross of Life Montessori in Roswell.  I have been taking pictures for the blog and LOVE to see my work used for such a good program.  Here are some of the photographs from the Christmas play that was put on a couple of weeks ago.  They make me smile so very much.

If you are looking for a great school, please check them out by clicking here.

Love this school!



colms-christmas-2016-5colms-christmas-2016-16colms-christmas-2016-62colms-christmas-2016-2colms-christmas-2016-8colms-christmas-2016-12colms-christmas-2016-23colms-christmas-2016-24colms-christmas-2016-32colms-christmas-2016-38colms-christmas-2016-41Even angels need to window wash 🙂


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