Church Street, Monday Morning

When my flight didn’t leave until late on Monday afternoon, I decided to head to the only place I really hadn’t been – downtown Burlington, during the day.  I had been through Burlington, driving – and had parked at night – once to the Metronome – to dance with some new friends (Hi Gals!) and the other was when I raced from Little Fenway to the Waterfront Park to catch a sunset.

Burlington is charming, in the way Northern cities are – with detailed architecture, lots of stone walkways, old buildings – and since it’s also a college town it’s filled with younger people and hip young stores.  It’s kind of neat actually – I fit somewhere in between these old and young points, so it was inviting and fun to explore.

I passed this bread shop that smelled amazing…went into this little city market and bought a few baked goods (cookies/bread) to munch on, then headed down the street.  My sister Kate bought that NY Times best selling book, 36 Hours, which details what you shouldn’t miss when you visit cities and gives you an outline for a weekend (36 hour) trip.  Burlington happens to be in that book and it mentioned this little bookstore called The Crow Bookstore.  I walked all around and ended up there – this quaint little bookstore – used books.  I wanted to buy a book for Porter, but the kids section was surrounded by kids and I had a hard time getting to the books I wanted to look at – so I graciously bowed out to the younger generation and browsed the other sections.

What most people don’t know is that I started school to become a librarian, that’s how much I love books – but when I found photography everything changed.  And here I am.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these Church Street, Downtown Burlington photographs – I love them 🙂




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