Chasing the Sunset

It was Sunday, the tournament had ended, and the sun was slowly creeping towards the horizon.  After some encouragement, I finally headed to my car to chase down the sunset.  I had wanted to get a few sunset shots on the water, and Sunday was the only day it was going to happen since the rest of the weekend had been taken up with the wiffle ball tournament.

I did end up stopping a couple times to take some shots of the dirt road the fields are off of, but after that I raced towards the waterfront.  I would like to say I only went past the speed limit a little bit…sigh…okay, a lot, but I got to the water (after parking and running) right as the sun was sinking lower.  I saw this restaurant with piers on the opposite side and crashed the party, swearing I would get a table and eat there if only they’d let me bypass the restaurant and head straight towards the piers.  My wish was granted.

I moved around piers, talked to some people who were on their boats, and finally settled on a single pier.  After a small bit of time this plane started doing acrobatics over the water (I took a video…horrible video really) – which totally distracted me from my sunset.  And after refocusing my energies and putting my legs over the end of the pier dangling my feet over the water, a stranger sat down next to me and started talking to me.  I don’t remember his name, but he had a nice camera and we started talking about photographs and snow – and he showed me some of his photographs (I think he taught skiing on the mountain ranges?) – he was pretty nice and after a while I got up and went to eat.

The sunset over the water was everything I hoped it would be with the exception of having someone to share it with and actually the chowder was everything I hoped it would be…I love chowder…almost as much as cheese.

Why don’t I live up North?



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