Charleston, South Carolina

G and I have never gone on a trip together – it’s more of a family thing, Cody is always there – Mary and John, Kate and the girls – there is always someone around 🙂  Which is fine, I love the people that surround me, but it was time do something a little different, an adults only trip.

I made the decision to trek to Charleston – first, because I’d never been there, and second, because it was less than half day’s drive.  Charleston was beautiful – the people, the food, the sites – it was incredible.  I remember when I went to Savannah, having a small sense of disappointment because it just wasn’t what I had wanted and expected it to be.  And although Savannah has it’s own charm, it’s Charleston that I will fondly remember traveling to see.

Charleston smells good – well, I think it does, G repeatedly reminded me that it smelled like horse poop, but what does he know anyway?  Anyone that knows me knows I love to smell things – I get a sense of where I am just by certain smells.  It’s the same with cologne or food – I can really sniff out anything – good and sometimes bad…but I loved the smell of Charleston…it smelled of ocean and street, of food and people…ahhh gotta love it.

The people were wonderful, the houses gorgeous – it was a very pleasant, likable, walkable, food entrenched city (YUM – Go to Blossom if you are in Charleston, have the calamari – it’s to die for).  I just loved it.

Here are some of the sights to see in Charleston – I wish I could upload all of them – they are incredible!




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