Burlington Violin Shop

I have this thing for music – anyone who has read my blog might have picked up on this…but I’ve never actually mentioned violins in particular.

One of my favorite songs comes from the movie Moulin Rouge.  It’s called El Tango De Roxanne, and it’s a take on Roxanne from the Police.  I was hooked on the song after a few short seconds when the violin chimes in – it’s a rather intense version with Ewen MacGregor (hello there) singing.  All through the song the violins trill in the background.  I can listen to it over and over…

When I was on Church Street on Monday (in Burlington) I was wondering around and saw this neat little violin shop, the Burlington Violin Shop.  Delighted, I stepped in and was greeted by this lovely lady who was telling me about the violins and showing me the different sizes for different ages (who knew a 2 year old can start learning violin?).  They were so tiny and so large all at the same time, the color of the wood rich and deep.  She invited me to go into the back room to see what the shop guys were working on (they repair the violins).

I’m not one to be shy when it comes to photographs – so I wandered back there and was greeted by three guys, all with heads down, concentrating on their work.  We talked a bit about the South if I recall, and then I grabbed a few shots and got out of their way.

Thanks to all of you at the shop for letting me nose around  🙂

I wish I could play the violin, maybe that’s something I’ll look into.



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