Bright Eyes

There are some people that I take pictures of who have just amazing eyes – and a lot of times those tend to be the lighter eyes, blues and greens.  But every so often, there sneaks a beautiful set of onyx or browns – and I just fall in love.  I’m a lover of brown eyes, the deeper the color the better.  My friend Burney has deep chocolate almost black eyes that are to die for…

But these eyes happened to belong to one of the sweetest little ones I’ve had the chance to shoot – she’s so full of character and life.  We went to the duck pond to take a few quick pictures and what I ended up with were all so very cute – but what stunned me were the deepness of her eyes – the reflection of myself in those eyes (look close, you’ll see my silhouette).  So I, in my mind, have nicknamed her Bright Eyes….I’m odd, I know.  But just look at her, isn’t she just charming??



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