Bridge to Grace at 120 Tavern

It’s not often Cody involves me in outings – I’m kind of the uncool mom, but at the same time – I guess I’m good enough to stay at a concert with him…just 10 feet away or so.  The neat thing about Cody is that he moves with me – if I need a spot, he shifts so I can grab shots, if I want to move from my spot he’ll go in to save where I had been standing.  Ya, he’s awesome like that.

Anyway, Cody has this friend who is the bass player for Bridge to Grace, a local Atlanta band that hands out some heavy vocals and music.  I liked the band a lot, took a ton of pictures, and then took some more.  I love how these turned out.  I swear, if I could tour with a band just to take pictures for about six months I would – just for the experience.  I’d really like to get the in between shows shots, the behind the scenes – though these types of pictures I completely dig as well.

Bridge to Grace will be playing at the Masquerade on Wednesday, May 1st – this week!  Get on over there and check them out!!

Rock on!



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