Bonaventure Cemetery

When I first started school I wasn’t aware of the typical stereotype of a starting photographer.  New entry level camera – check, lots of photographs of sunsets and flowers – check, and the complete album of, yes you guessed it, cemetery photographs.

I, like everyone else, had these in my collection when I started.  We have a few really old cemeteries here in Atlanta, Oakland being one of them – and that is actually where I did my very FIRST photographic venture – with my very first camera, the old Canon Rebel Xsi.  It was a foggy morning when I went and creatively I felt so amazing as I shot for the first time.  I’ll have to pull some of those very first photographs to share with you all.

Then I started school and realized that I had done what everyone else does…goes and takes creepy photographs of cemeteries.

So I haven’t been back to one since.

Until Savannah, where I just had to wander into the Bonaventure Cemetery.  The place is huge.  So big in fact that when we got out to walk it we quickly decided that driving it was much better.  The stone work is incredible – carvings of flowers, fleur de leis, you name it…the iron work is impressive as well – I think in one of these pictures there is a fence with small skulls worked into the iron.

I probably could have stayed there for days finding things to photograph.

See for yourself…



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