Bentley’s 1st Birthday – Cake Smash

I’ve wanted to do this forever!  Cake SMASH!!  So when I finally got the opportunity to photograph this little guy – I jumped at the chance.  Bentley is just adorable, with those big dark eyes and chubby cheeks – he looks just like his mommy and daddy.

When he started in on the cake, it was cute – he was staring at it – touching it with a little hesitation, like “what is this??”  And when he wasn’t going fast enough, dad thought it might be a little more fun to squash his hand in there – and that’s when I couldn’t stop laughing.  His face was priceless – I found myself unable to even look through the viewfinder on the camera because my eyes were filled with tears from laughing so hard.

I’m not really sure what everyone ELSE was doing while I was cracking up taking pictures and Bentley was trying to figure out why all of this stuff was all over – but these pictures are just some of my favorite so far this year…

Thanks to Kari and Pip to giving me this opportunity – you two are awesome!  I’m so glad to call you my family 🙂




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