Ayden’s Big 2 Year Birthday!

This past Saturday, I was invited to shoot a birthday party for one special little boy turning two.  Alicia, his mom, was raised having photographs of her own birthdays, so she really wanted to be able to give those memories to her son when he gets older.  When I got there, Ayden was pretty uninterested in me, and for the first hour I really tried to snag those sweet baby pictures by following him around here and there.  It wasn’t until a little later that the activities (and guest appearances (The Cat in the Hat!)) really relaxed him.  From then on he was all smiles.

I have to say, he does love his mommy – she really got him grinning for me!

His party was a Dr. Seuss themed bash, with some pretty neat games and a group of really amazing, SMILING, people.  I felt so welcomed at their home.

I’m not done with the photographs, but I know I have some anxious people waiting very patiently to see these.  So I thought I’d just give a small sneak peak and finish the gallery over the weekend (there are so many more where this came from).



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