Atlanta Minis Birthday Bash

Oh ya!

I know that some of you might have read the post about Oliver, my new MINI.  Turns out there are quite a few MINI clubs around Atlanta, but I happened to join the best one…Atlanta MINIS.  Last weekend they had their birthday bash and I, of course, came with Oliver and my sister Kate.  It was fun – the customization on some of these MINIs are just spectacular.  I also got to meet several online friends in person, which was fun!

I took a bunch of pictures and shared them with the club – I’m totally jazzed!  Next month there is a poker run, where we motor our MINIs in a line through the Georgia mountains, making 5 stops and drawing a poker card at each stop…the last stop is where we lay the cards on the table and see who wins…that’s going to be a blast.

Thanks to Global Imports for hosting the event!




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