Around Town and Afar Part 3

Before last summer, the farthest North I’ve ever been is Pennsylvania, where my grandmother lived just outside of Redding.  I remember Penn being cold and having really great outlets.  Of course, the last time I went was quite a few years ago…so it would be nice to see it again some day.

So when we were deciding where to go on a family trip, we decided to go North.  To Boston.  Thank goodness it was in the Summer because I really have a limited love of snow…I love it just long enough to make a snowman or throw some snowballs and after that I’m done, give me warm socks and hot chocolate.

But Boston in the Summer is a real treat – beautiful weather, walkable streets, gorgeous buildings, to die for chowder – just the perfect place to be.  We walked the whole Freedom Trail – and when coming back caught a cab/van in the middle of the street, our feet were killing us.  I got some great shots, a lot of them – so many to choose from to show you.

I think my favorite part of the whole trip was when Mary and I were walking down Commonwealth Ave, the park in the middle of the street.  I think we both fell in love with the row houses, the great detail in the stonework – it was so peaceful.

When I look back at my photographs, I realize that I am always looking for the path you don’t normally see – like back alleys and something other than the picture perfect garden scenery.  I guess that’s because for my photography, living is both beautiful and gritty, and if you look for those hidden areas you sometimes find the most beautiful people or scenes that just are life itself.

Here are some of my favorite photographs from Boston.



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