As a woman, I am encouraged by other women around me, those who trek new paths in life, and those who choose to follow the paths led before them.  Woman who have the courage to face their fears, embrace their enemies, wonder at the things in their lives, be brave, be loyal, those who are honest and caring.  Those willing to hold out a helping hand and those that lessen their pride to take a hand up.  I see you, I see all of you, and I am proud to be part of you.

As a mother, I am often struck by the beauty of life, that we as women get to experience it in a way a man will never get to.  We’ll hold our babies in our arms after carrying them for nine months, we’ll love them with all of our hearts, we’re emotional and soft (although some of us are harder than others (not me, I’m quite the sappy one)).  We love and love hard, and want to be loved back by our children.  And we are, we are loved far more than we’ll ever know, by children who may never get the time to tell us as often as we want.

As a sister, I am ever so proud to be the funny one in the bunch, to make them laugh, to tell secrets, to know that someone out there has known me since birth. Sisters who hold close to the same memories that I do, that love our past, and will hold my hands in the future.  Sisters who will be there until they can’t be, who will listen and require you to listen, those sisters who will give you the what you need to hear, and not quite what you want to hear.  The sisters who are by blood, and those who are by heart – you are all appreciated and loved for your individuality.

As a photographer, I am in awe of the people I meet, the strong women I encounter.  While some are funny and down to Earth, others are calm and refined.  Each offering her own something to the world.  And through my lens I get to capture their essence, that special something that makes her who she is, whether that be a daughter, a mother, a sister, a grandmother, or even a friend.  And I am grateful on so many levels to meet these women, to make them laugh and smile, to joke around, to make them do silly things when perhaps they weren’t looking to do those things.  This is what I was born to do, and I love each and every one of you that come before my lens.

I will cherish you, Cindy, Terry, and Addy – and I am so sorry you had to go before we all were ready for you to.  You are someone’s sister, mother, grandmother, daughter, wife, and friend.  Your lives have always been a part of someone else’s life – an exchange of love and grace.  Your strength is our strength.

Peace be with the three of you, and someday, we’ll see you again.




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