A Little Praise

I adore them!!!  You are literally off the charts talented. I don’t know how you captured those smiles. – Vanessa

MEG!!!! These are amazing!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! – Jen

These are wonderful! I love every one of them. Thank you so much for your work! – Megan

WAY too many amazing pictures!!!! – Jen

Hey Sunshine! You ROCK! We loved working with you!! You were so easy to work with!!!  – Julia

Your photographs of Terry and I, I will treasure forever. You will never know how much I appreciate the time you took with us to make sure you captured how we feel about each other. That day will forever be one of my favorite days I have spent with Terry. I felt as if we were all alone, and didn’t even notice you were photographing us. I was just enjoying my time with Terry. That is what makes you a great photographer. – Sherry

I am familiar with this territory and have seen many many pictures of it covering the generations. Taken some of my own. I almost didn’t look this time (because I thought I already knew what I’d see). But you brought a unique eye to this subject and I’m glad I did. What you came up with is totally unlike the hundreds of photos that have come before. – Christopher

Your photography of the farm is incredible…It is beautiful & unique! I appreciate your gift! – Mary

Great pics and nice words on your blog! Your unique style really captures the spirit of the tournament. As you now know, there’s nothing like it anywhere else. Really nice work. – Joe

Just to let you know the rugby pictures are so AWESOME!!. You do wonderful work. – Dale

The pictures are great! Thank you!!!! – Stacey

Meg, I know I’ve told you before – but your photos are truly outstanding!!!! I LOVE them. The violin shop, Mt Philo, you really captured the essence of Vermont. Thanks for sharing! – Marge

Hi Meg……Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I don’t know when you mailed that picture, but my mother in San Diego is going to love it for Christmas especially since I couldn’t be with her this time. God knows exactly what we need and that’s beautiful sisters like you. I love you and thanks again and I will see you at the wedding. – Angela

Love it!!! You do great work!    I love so many of these shots- I can’t stop looking at them!! – Cassie

They are absolutely beautiful!! You did an awesome job capturing our special day!!! Thank you. – Tiffany

These look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!! – Marnie

Can we do the weekend of the 19th? I have to have Meg Porter photos. – Kristen


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