13th Annual Travis Roy Wiffle Ball Tournament


September 10, 2014

As usual, I’m starting this post in thank you note fashion – to match all of my previous posts about the Travis Roy Foundation’s Wiffleball Tournament held at Little Fenway (a little piece of heaven on Earth).  So here goes:

To my family, who thought I might be nuts to take a three-month old on such a long journey.  THANK YOU THANK YOU for loving me enough to support me in this…I love you all very much!!

To Pat & Beth – Once again you opened your home up to me, but this year, it wasn’t only me you housed.  You accepted a little piece of me, my daughter, with wide open arms and gave us a warm, safe place to rest our heads as well as privacy.  I cannot begin to describe how much I think of you as my family.  You are my family.  I’m so glad you let me mooch off of you when I come there – I love the feeling that I get when I see your beautiful faces.  Well Beth’s beautiful face – Pat, you might need a little help.  Just teasing.  But you two are amazing.  I’ll totally have you over for dinner or the week if you are ever in Atlanta!!  I’ll fight Brian for you.  On a side note, Pat – your new field, Field of Dreams, is just spectacular.  I just love it.

To Trav – I haven’t gotten to talk to you much this past year.  You’ve known what has been going on in my life in a fly by the seat of Meg’s pants sort of way, and I miss talking to you.  I’m not as in awe of you as I was at the first tournament, you’ve kind of grown on me like a barnacle, but I still dig you, although there is something I’m still waiting for to arrive via delivery van…AHEM.  But mostly I’m glad that this namesake that you have, this foundation, is part of a big wonderful movement towards independence for those with spinal cord injuries.  I know how much this means to you and it makes me proud to be a part of this event, part of your world.

To Belinda – if it wasn’t for you, girl, I don’t know if I would have come.  You got me motivated to get up there this year.  You are the reason I took a sweet baby on two flights more than a thousand miles North, just the two of us.  Thank you for giving me the courage and push I needed.   I mean a serious push.   It worked out wonderfully.  Love you to pieces.  I can’t wait to get those grandbabies in front of my lens.  A trip to Hawaii is clearly needed.

To My GOODIE Gals – those gals who sell all those goodies that I shouldn’t be eating.  Judy & Tanya, and all of you wonderful ladies…you kept my baby girl safe and warm and let me get some pictures.  These pictures…and I just love them!  Thank you thank you thank you.  It turns out the footie pj’s you two gave me came in so handy as she and I landed in Philly (she had a major blowout) and we had to put her in it….someone above must have been watching out for us.  Her Aunties.

To Curse Lifted – I did not get to spend much time with you guys, or anyone really, a baby kept me a little bit busy.  But I was happy (and a little sad) to hand over my very first jersey to the new kid on our team.  He needed it way more than I did…and I was proud I could help make sure he was a full-fledged part of the team.  I miss talking to you all, and next year, I might have help – and then maybe I can hang out.

To the Yankees – WHAT THE WHAT!??!  You won.  I missed it. Dang.  BUT, I’m super stoked about it!  Congrats to you all!

And finally, to those of you who donated, were on a team, who had any part of this tournament (the committee etc) – you are AMAZING.  Every year you do this and every year, WOW – it’s astounding what gets accomplished.  You are amazing.  Repeat that to yourself.  A Million Times!

To those of you reading this blog – even if you don’t support this cause, and you should, honestly, seriously…(learn more!!) – find out how you can help out and donate your time to organizations around you.

Enjoy the photographs!  There are some posted on Facebook, but if you’d like to see the FULL GALLERY just click the link  🙂  They are really great.  All monies collected from orders will go towards my 2014 Fundraising efforts.  So spend some money people!  Just don’t resell these photographs or use them for commercial use!



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